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In need of repair «

In need of repair


Boy, stress does terrible things to one’s mind and body.

I haven’t been good at managing my stress lately.

So with the dual goal of entertaining ourselves and seeing the ocean, Tom, Samantha and I headed to San Francisco.

Maybe it was the cloudy (then rainy) day, maybe it was my ongoing rather persistent foul mood, maybe it was just plain, old-fashioned post-holiday blues, but I sure didn’t get the mind-clearing and perspective-gaining experience I was looking for.

In fact, the beach was stinky and dirty (I’m still hoping we didn’t pick up E. coli on someone’s shoes or something). Even the entire city seemed to have lost its luster. There was much more graffiti and litter than what I remember from my time living there.

Have you been to the city lately? Have you noticed this too?
Or is it just me?

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