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About 35 Weeks

That’s about a month or so to go for those of you who haven’t done the counting-the-weeks thing.

28 Weeks

Morning Chat

Me: “How do you think it’s going to be after the baby is born?”

Samantha: “I think it’s going to be hard because there’s going to be a baby in the house and there hasn’t been a baby in the house in five years.”

In Utero

Have I told you how excited Samantha is about the baby?

Here is one (of many, many) of her recent drawings of babies. Those are all umbilical cords.


I wanted to title this post WTF, but as this is a family-friendly blog and all…

Anyway, this picture from Babble has really been bugging me. In fact, in the few weeks since I signed up for their pregnancy e-newsletter - titled “Your Pregnancy Guide” - each of the “Your Body” pictures has been entirely annoying.

What woman at 21 weeks pregnant looks like this? No one I’ve ever known. Certainly, I don’t.

She barely even looks pregnant to me.

I’m just glad that this photo makes me mad, rather than sad - or worse, envious or some other sorry sort of negative feeling about my body.

What do you think? Is this an accurate depiction of a woman’s body half-way through pregnancy? Is this the ideal we should be measuring ourselves against? Is this image dangerous to pregnant women and their unborn babies?

Halfway There

This week marks 20 weeks.

It’s amazing to me how quickly - yet how slowly - the time has gone by. This pregnancy has been so different from my first in every way that I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by this. And after battling morning all-day sickness until just recently, I should be happy it’s going so fast–right?

Somehow, I feel like I’m missing out on something though. What it is, I’m not sure.

What about you? Did your second (or subsequent) pregnancies seem to go faster than your first? If so, why do you think this is?

In other news, IT’S A GIRL!!!
We’re so, so happy.


Profile (chin tucked to chest, legs above)

Lips, Nose, Arm Above Head (arm on left of image)

Lips, Nose, Arm Above Head (arm on left of image)

Feet (crossed)

Feet (crossed)

Hey Baby!

Last week we traveled to San Francisco for prenatal screening.

While a difficult, hectic and stressful day, Tom and I made the most of it and enjoyed a lovely Thai lunch (Asian food is my biggest craving right now!) as well as an unseasonably warm and sunny day in the city.

The folks at UCSF were lovely and the ultrasound–well, joyous. The baby was quite active–bouncing, twisting, dancing. He/she even sucked his/her thumb!

We received our screening results late last week and are thrilled to say that everything came back they way we hoped.

Here’s to the next 26 weeks–may they be healthy and happy!

2011 Resolutions

You’re likely thinking “Resolutions? Uh, Jessica…those should’ve been made about a month ago…”

Well, I wasn’t ready then. And actually, I don’t usually make resolutions. Resolutions just seem so…hopeful. And success at whatever one is resolution-ing doesn’t come from hoping.

It comes from commitment. And dedication. And hard work.

So these aren’t so much resolutions, but rather commitments. Objectives. Goals.

Here is what I am committing to in 2011 (not really in any particular order, except for #1 because that IS #1):


1) Do my best to have the healthiest pregnancy and delivery I can.

In case you didn’t hear, there is a new baby coming in early August.

2) Show proofs of my love.

“There’s no such thing as love; only proof of love.”— Jean Cocteau

3) Take a Photoshop class.

I’ve taught myself as much as I can.

4) Get a description of my services and examples of my work up on my website.

I will no longer treat such an important asset like the housepainter does his house.

5) Not buy junk.

I will spend more to buy quality items that will last longer. I will buy only what I really love, or really need.

6) Get our finances in better order.

#5 will probably help with this one.

A Most Wonderful Christmas Gift

Baby Pecota at 8 weeks | Expected August 1, 2011